Friday, October 2, 2015

What surprised me the most is that an Interior Designer doesn't get paid enough to suit my lifestyle.  I think I either need to pick a different job or cut some of the things that I wanted.  So I could cut a luxury car and how much I go out to eat.  I don't really want to have a different job, because I have wanted to be an Interior Designer for a long time.  But another job that I was interested  in was being a real state agent or in the marketing business. 
One job appeared on choose you lifestyle that I was interested in, but an Interior Designer didn't appear on the list.  It didn't appear on the list because it doesn't make enough money in order to suit the things that I need in my lifestyle.
I noticed that when I did pick your salary, I changed a couple of my lifestyle thing and had had money left over.   I changed my car, how much I go out to eat, and how much I go out and hang with friends.  But when I did choose your lifestyle I didn't have enough money.
I might need to, but I could also just cut some of the my lifestyle choices.  If I needed to change my career, I have a couple other ideas on what I would want to do.
I don't know if  I would want to change careers in order to have a better lifestyle.  I could just change some of my lifestyles that I picked.  Also, if I needed to I could pick a different career that would make enough money to suit my needs.

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