Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time management

Quadrant three

In my life I mostly am in quadrant three.  I am the yes man.  I usually say yes to everybody if it is helping someone with a project or being invited to a friend’s house.  But in the end I never have time to do the stuff I need to get done.  Quadrant three is where I am in my life.

In some circumstances I find myself procrastinating.  I don’t procrastinate all the time but I do occasionally.  One time, I had a pretty big project that I waited until the last minute.  That is really the only time I have ever procrastinated before.  Procrastination isn’t really a big problem that I face.  I have on procrastinated once before, but ended up finishing the project and getting a pretty good grade on it.  I find myself saying yes to a lot of things.  I say yes all the time and I need to learn to say no more often.  I usually say yes to people that need help with something like homework or help on a project.  Being a “yes man” is a problem in my life because I help people with stuff they need to have done but then I struggle to get all of my work done without feeling stressed out.

I usually don’t find myself a slacker at all because I do all of my work and turn it in on time.  Being a slacker can have a negative effect on people because they never do their work or turn it in on time.  So that gives teachers a negative approach.  I consider myself a prioritizer because I usually put the things that need to be done first and the things that don’t need to be done last.  To continue to prioritize I can keep putting the important thing first and the non-so important things last.   

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