Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Careers for Me

          My first career that I would like to do is be a Real Estate Broker.  Real Estate Brokers sell property.  They can sell houses, rent out properties, and can get loans for people.  They also, lease properties, give people tours of properties that they are interested in and might want to buy, and appraise values of properties.  For example, they will tell them how much they think there house is worth.  In this job you will need to attend college.  You will need to attend classes that have to do with this career.  The annual wage for this job is around $120,300.  

        Secondly, another job that Career Zone thought I would be a match for is a chiropractor.  Chiropractors treat people for problems with here neck, back, and spine.  They analyze x-rays for patients with a problem or pain they might have.  for this career you will need to go to school and graduate.  This my require a masters degree and might require a Ph.D.  In 2014 pa's wages for chiropractors was $76,880.

           Finally, my last career that was a match for me was an interior designer.  Interior designers plan, design, and stage houses.  For example, they place furniture, paintings, pick out paint colors, pick out cabinets, flooring, and more.  They also, render designs from drawings and fix what needs to be fixed.  In order to do this career you need a four-year bachelor's degree.  The annual pay is around $50,260.

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