Monday, April 11, 2016

When I watched my speech I was actually kind of shocked.  I was shocked because I was very confident in the beginning of my speech, but when I realized that I wasn't going to meet my time I started to become less confident in the end of my speech.  Also, I made decent eye contact throughout my speech.  I also noticed that I didn't really move around a lot during my speech.  I got a lot out of watching the video and I am going to reflect off of it and practice more on the things that I need work on.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Since the beginning of the semester, I believe that I improved on my confidence level the most.  I believe this because I am not as nervous  to present to the class as I was in the beginning of the semester.  From this speech I am proud of my eye contact and my confidence.  During this speech I was more confident in the beginning of my speech, but closer to the end I got more nervous then I usually do.  Also, my eye contact was better then normal.  I am satisfied with the progress I have made in developing public speaking skills.  I have made a lot of progress by not being as nervous to present in front of the class.  As we move forward I need to work on my time frame and my confidence level.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Overall, I believe that my speech went good but not really great.  It was the first speech we did in this class so I was proud of how it turned out.  In my speech, I spoke loud enough that the entire audience could hear me.  I also, didn't fidget or play with my hair.  I looked up like once or twice at appropriate times.  In this speech I think I need to improve on a couple things.  One of the things that need to improve on is being more confident in myself.  I also need to make more eye contact when I am presenting.  Overall, I believe that my speech went okay for it being the first time I presented in this class.

Friday, January 22, 2016

I describe my speaking skills as okay.  I make eye contact sometimes, but I could probably do better.  I also, speak loudly and clearly so the entire audience can hear me.  Some of my strengths as a speaker are I am loud, I speak clearly, and I don't move around.  Something's I need to improve on as a speaker.  I need to improve on making more eye contact and being more confident in myself while I am speaking.  Out of this semester I hope to become a better speaker and gain more confidence in myself.  I hope to get a good grade in this class too, because public speaking is not my strongest subject.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

          The college that I am leaning most to is going to the University of Michigan.  At the University of Michigan they have a large size campus.  The cost of the University is $43,476 for out of sate kids.  Also, it is a Public University.  Some of the areas that the University of Michigan offer are Business/Marketing and Biology.  They also offer a good gymnastics program.  I am leaning towards the University of Michigan because it offers the things that I want in a college.
           I am leaning more towards the University of Michigan because it offers everything that I am looking for. I offers a good gymnastics team.  Gymnastics is what I am hoping that I go to college for.  Also, it is a medium size campus and that is what I am looking for.  For these reasons I am leaning more towards the University of Michigan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

          My first option for going to college is, I want to finish High School.  After I finish High School I want to go strait to College.  After I finish College I want to get a job in my desired career.  I don't want to buy a house right away, so I am going to rent an apartment in the area I want to live in for a couple years and save up money so I can afford a house.  I am hoping to get a job for a high Interior Designer or start my own business in Interior Designing.  My second path is to finish High School.  Then, I don't want to go strait to college.  I want to go to Florida or California for a year or two and work there.  Then go to college for the desired job that I want. After College I will buy my own house and work to become an Interior Designer.
          The path that I want to take is the first one.  I want to take this path because I believe that it is the best one for me.  I believe this because I might need more then 4 years of college, and taking a couple years off I will be in school longer then I want to be.  Also, not going to college right after high school and going to California or Florida I could lose a lot of money with living costs.  That is why I think that the first choice is the best for me. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

          The two different post-secondary educations are University and Community College.  These two educations have a lot of differences and similarities.  First, a University is very expensive to go to.  To go to a school like Bucknell it would cost around 61,000 a year.  These are mostly four year programs.  To go to school like Penn State, which is also a University it would cost around 34,000.  It is also a four year program.  Another education choice is Community College.  Community College is a two year college.  There is one main building to the whole campus.  There is also a smaller student body, so it wont be crowded and your classes wont be really big.  As you can see, there are many different types of educations you can pick from,
          There are some disadvantages and some advantages of going to a University and Community College.   Some advantages of a University are better courses and a better living facility.  Some disadvantages of a University is usually they are very big, so you could get lost more easily and University's are very expensive.  Some advantages of Community College is that it is smaller and doesn't cost a lot of money like a University does.  Some disadvantages of going to a Community College is it is only a two year college and there is one main building so there wont be as many courses that you can take.  These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of going to a University of Community College.